Saturday, March 29, 2008

Visiting with Lima millers

In our whirlwind tour of Lima, March 28, we met with three different millers who use U.S. wheat in their production.

First, we stopped by ALICORP, and spoke with Manuel del Campo, grain purchaser. ALICORP mills about 750,000 metric tons of wheat per year for the pasta and flour business. Then, we headed to MOLITALIA, and spoke with Jimmy Suni, general manager, and Javier Moarri, operations manager. Finally, it was off to Cogorno S.A., and a meeting with Andres Borasino, the general manager.

At each location, the trade team talked about how high wheat prices are affecting millers, the Peruvian free trade agreement, and the future acceptance of genetically modified wheat by Peruvian millers.

Here, del Campo and the trade team check wheat prices in his office on the visit to ALICORP. (Journal photo by Jennifer M. Latzke.)

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