Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earthquake? What earthquake?

There's one benefit to being so tired that you're asleep as your head hits the pillow—you sleep right through an earthquake.

Early this morning a magnitude 4.4 quake struck 40 miles (75 kilometers) north of Lima. Then, a few hours later, a 5.4-magnitude earthquake was observed by the U.S. Geological Survey just 10 miles west of Lima. Now, for our part, only a few of us felt anything in the hotel with the early quake. And, we were on the road to the airport by the time of the second earthquake. So, it wasn't that scary to our group.

However, the Associated Press is reporting that five houses collapsed in Lima, while traffic on the primary coastal highway was interrupted for more than an hour. We didn't even realize a quake had occured until we made it to the airport and saw the giant crowds outside that had been evacuated from the terminals after the second quake.

Never fear, we all made it to San Jose, Costa Rica safe and sound this afternoon. We have a day to rest up a bit, then it's more meetings Monday, a travel day Tuesday, Mexico City Wednesday and Thursday and then home again on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you weren't "All Shook UP" by the quakes. We are "Missing You" back here in the States. Have some "Good Times" but "Stay out of Jail." Looking forward to "When I look into your eyes" and welcome you home.

"Na,na,na na na na na na na na, BATMAN!!!"