Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lima sights

Here are a few of the sights of Lima, most were taken from the interior of our van as we were headed from appointment to appointment. Such is the luck of a busy trade team!

With so much construction and updates to Lima, there is an ever increasing American presence on the billboards around town. Here's a familiar sign—for a John Deere dealership. Just proof that no matter where you go, agriculture is still the same.

Next, is a picture of the gate to the Port of Lima. While there wasn't a lot of time to tour the port facilities, it was interesting to see them from outside the gate.

Our last appointment for the day was with Dr. Eduardo Ferreyros, the Vice Minister, Foreign Commerce and Tourism of Peru. Ferreyros and Alejandro Daly, the President of the Wheat Millers Committee, were part of the negotiations team for the Peru-U.S. free trade agreement. From left are Chet Edinger, Daly, Ferreyros, David Clough, and Richard Starkebaum.

Finally, here's one of the many entrepreneurs who roam the streets of Lima, hawking everything from newspapers to ice cream. (Journal photos by Jennifer M. Latzke.)

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