Monday, March 31, 2008

Another first for this country girl

Sunday was our day off here in Costa Rica. And, while some of our group decided to stay by the pool and get some sun, a few of us decided to try something different—a tram ride through the rain forest canopy.

So, myself, Steve Mercer, Richard Starkebaum and Steve Wirsching found ourselves on a tour bus with 20 strangers headed into the rain forest of Costa Rica. We drove high up into the mountains outside San Jose, to the Aerial Tram. Our first stop was at a swinging rope bridge, which I'm told was a lovely view. Since I ran across the bridge to get to the other side before what I was sure was certain death, I didn't really pause to take in the sights!

From there, we stopped and had lunch of traditional Costa Rican fare, under a canopy in the rain forest. And then, it was off to the tram ride through the canopy.

I always thought rain forests would be like they are in the movies—with Tarzan swinging through the trees on vines, and howler monkesy swinging on limbs. But, this was so incredible and so much more. There was a peace up in the canopy, when the tram would stop and the guide would quit talking, that was just awesome. Granted, the only wildlife we saw that day was a sloth by the tram entrance, but we saw orchids and all sorts of plants that you just don't find in Kansas. It was simply amazing.

We also had time for a short hike through the trees. We saw a group of leaf cutter ants. These ants can't see and navigate by smell of the trail they leave. If they get diverted, they lose their way back to the colony, so it's important people don't disturbe their paths. Hence the slow moving ant sign on the start of the trail!

Thought I'd share some pictures of our little mini adventure. What a neat day trip!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer! We sure are enjoying your blog. Especially all of the pics with that funny looking guy in the hat. Tell Grandpa "Curly" that we miss him and we can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

The Tempel Gang, Haxtun, CO

Jennifer Latzke said...

Hi there Tempels! I'll sure pass your message on to Curly. Don't you love the hat? Wish I could pull off the look. :) Thanks for reading! JML:)