Saturday, March 29, 2008

A day of meetings in Bogota

(I'm playing catch-up folks. Here are a few of the photos from our stop in Bogota, Colombia, March 27.)

I started out my morning with the news, only in Spanish. Here's the headlines for March 27 in Bogota. My Spanish is slowly getting better. Our U.S. Wheat South American Region Vice President Alvaro de la Fuente has been helping me. I'm sure he's tired of me and my Midwestern accent (a la Peggy Hill) but he's being a good sport.

Our first meeting of the day was with our Agricultural Attache in Colombia, Richard Todd Drennan. Here, he speaks with USW Board Member David Clough, from North Dakota, and Russell Nemetz of Northern Broadcasting in Montana.

As we stepped out of the hotel I finally had a good shot at getting this photo of one of the many horse-drawn carts that run on the roads in Bogota. I've never seen chrome rims on a buggy before, but there's a first time for everything!

We walked three blocks over to the offices of Felipe Laserna, president of CIGSA, a purchasing agency for 16 mills in Colombia. Here, Laserna explains the climate and logistics of moving wheat to and around Colombian mills, using a topographical map. From left, are Laserna, de la Fuente, Colorado USW Board Member Richard Starkebaum, and Clough.

This was the sight from our hotel. The spired building is a convent at the top of this mountain overlooking the plains of Bogota.

Our final stop on our Bogota leg was at Pastas Doria, a pasta maker that imports annually 65,000 MT of wheat. here, Guillermo Botero, supply manager, shows us the company's latest product for busy noodle consumers.

(Journal photos by Jennifer M. Latzke.)

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