Saturday, March 29, 2008

Comments, questions and a schedule...

So, here's some of the answers to some of our comments on the blog. Thought I'd post here so you can just get them all in one place.

First, our schedule is really TIGHT. For example, in Bogota, we had three meetings, but traveling across town takes an hour or so, in heavy traffic...and we had to fly to another country late that evening. In Lima, today, we had five hour-long meetings crammed into one day, and we still have to travel to another country. So, the schedule isn't really regular as far as posting. I'll be writing up full stories for future issues of High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal, though. And, I'll be posting pictures tonight and tomorrow.

Tomorrow (3/28) we leave Lima early in the a.m. and hit Costa Rica (San Jose) around 1:30 p.m. Central or so. Two days in Costa Rica, then a day of travel on Tuesday, then Mexico City, Mexico Wed., and Thurs. with a full travel day home Friday.

Weather in Bogota and Lima was nice. Bogota was like spring in Kansas, just cool enough not to be too hot. Lima, though, was extremely humid. Anyone who's traveled to Eastern KS in August would understand...Lima's 10 times more humid.

Finally, the total wheat consumption for Colombia that they import is rather high. Let me check on the exact figures and get back to you. Good questions Everyone!

Remember, keep those questions coming, and tell your friends to follow along on our journey to Costa Rica and Mexico this coming week at!

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