Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The sites of Colombia

When you land in Bogota, you enter a world where there are 8 million people living 8,000 feet above sea level. It's hectic, yes, but it also has a unique charm, too.

Our van met us at the airport and our driver must have been training for NASCAR—along with every other driver on the road.

But, in a town with this many people, it makes sense that you have to drive like that just to get anywhere around town within any sort of time frame. The road is shared with horse-drawn carts, motorcycles, random pedestrians, and they all just accept the zooming and the honking and the near collisions without a blink.
It's amazing.

Here are a few shots of the local color. Just thought you'd like to see some of what I'm seeing here.


Anonymous said...

How much of their total wheat consumption does Columbia import? How do they compare to their neighbor Brazil in growing wheat?

Anonymous said...

What type of weather are they experiencing there? Is it spring there?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenni - It's snowing here today, just wondered if I should have tried to sneak into that bag you sent home. I could use some warm weather. What's it like there? Have a good time and we have things under control. ~Jenn

AgPerson said...

Could you give us your schedule for the next several days? When do you head for Peru?


Editor said...

I'll be talking about Jenni's trip today on the Golden Plains Ag Network. The show starts at about 12:40 p.m. so listen in!

Holly Martin

Ginni said...

Hi Jenni,
Hope you are having a great time! I've been keeping track of you on the blog and it sounds like you are covering a lot of territory in a very short time. Nothing new on this end, so have a great weekend and we'll see you soon.

Jennifer Latzke said...

Hey all!

The total wheat consumption for Colombia that they import is rather high. Let me check on the figures and get back to you.

Weather in Bogota and Lima was nice. Bogota was like spring in Kansas, just cool enough not to be too hot. Lima was extremely humid. Anyone who's traveled to Eastern KS in August would understand...Lima's 10 times more humid.

Tomorrow (3/28) we leave Lima early in the a.m. and hit Costa Rica (San Jose) around 1:30 p.m. Central or so. Two days in Costa Rica, then a day of travel on Tuesday, then Mexico City, Mexico Wed., and Thurs. with a full travel day home Friday.